Q: what does being European mean to you?

A: Being a European to me means to respect and integrate other EU countries, share our values and communicate with more foreign people. For me it means that despite our different cultures we can collaborate in groups, projects, alliances to make Europe greater and more unite.

Q: in your opinion, which are the advantages and the disadvantages of EU?

A: Advantages: more possibilities to travel, study abroad, financial support from EU, one curency – euros, open borders, multi-cultural experience. Disadvantages: economical problems affect all the countries, no national freedom in some questions (for example more competitive market so the local brands are not so supported), conflicts between countries on issues they disagree.

Q: could you please explain the scholar system of your country?

A: We start school when we are 6 or 7 years old: then we have 9 years of primary school (mandatory) and 3 years of high school where you can shoose a direction (humanistics,matematics,sciences). Some collages offer 4 years of professional primary education where you learn the proffesion (carpenters,technologies,beauty etc.).

About the higher education: 3 years of academical bachelor or 4 years of a professional bachelor (internship included). 2 years of master degree. Higher educations requieres paying but in public universities it is possible to get scolarship that covers the expenses (but not for everyone, just for the ones with the best marks) – for every program the amount of scolarships is different.